In a Business World Fueled By Processes, We Use People to Solve Problems

As a recognized leader in the field of practical decision-making, Decision Strategies helps organizations resolve their most urgent, complex issues, often exacerbated by today’s economic uncertainty, geopolitical risk and unpredictable business climate. Since 1993, we’ve provided expertise, tools and resources to allow leaders – from senior executives to project managers – to make sound, value-based decisions that lead to greater success, ROI and stakeholder value.

Our competitive advantage, and why we are uniquely qualified  to help clients effect positive change, is not just our proven proprietary approach – it’s also our people.

Decision Strategies has assembled a tenured team of consultants who have held executive, staff and line management positions in a wide range of industries. This real-world business experience gives them deep understanding of specific industry challenges and powerful, objective insights.  Our management team,  and many of our consultants have been successful business leaders as well as pioneers in applying and teaching decision analysis throughout industry.

We apply this depth and breadth of experience to help our clients – individually and organizationally – gain clarity to make complex decisions with confidence. Together, we explore options, align people and processes, and establish a clear path of actions. From beginning to end, Decision Strategies is the trusted adviser who partners with you to identify, develop and implement a solid decision and successful course of action.

Decision Strategies also can be the catalyst that helps an organization improve at making complex decisions by providing ongoing training and coaching using a proven, scalable approach (link to Resource Library_Integrated Decision Management).

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