– We help our clients gain clarity when making decisions in complex situations by:

  • Facilitating teams through a best practice thought process
  • Helping teams clearly define goals and objectives
  • Inspiring creativity in the team in reviewing a robust range of options
  • Providing modeling support as needed to evaluate the options in light of risk and value

– Our clients say we put an end to the constant recycle of decisions through unproductive team meetings.

– The bottom line:

  • Our clients make more confident decisions knowing that the teams have developed a full range of options and have appropriately evaluated the risk/reward of each one.
  • Because the strategy is the client’s plan – not the consultant’s – the probability of successful implementation is much higher

The Process


How can we help?

Do you make critical decisions and implement strategies under risky and uncertain conditions?
Do you wonder if your teams truly consider the full range of Strategic options or do they settle for the first promising option?
Do your teams clearly understand the goals and objectives of the project?
Is your analysis loaded with assumptions or are your teams taking into consideration a full range of possible outcomes?

Decision Strategies has assembled a team of consultants who have held executive, staff, and management positions in real-world industries. This deep business knowledge and experience provide unique understanding in how to develop and implement winning strategic initiatives and how to make major capital investments in the face of uncertainty.

We work alongside our clients to creatively and clearly define a broad set of doable alternatives and then evaluate those alternatives for risk/reward tradeoffs.

Decision Strategies