Where Does Your Supply Chain Strategy Rank In The Value Chain?

Media49How and where your company participates in the value chain should be the central theme of your supply chain strategy. Without a well-positioned supply chain solution, you risk losing the higher margins enjoyed in the overlooked portions of the supply chain. To capture the most value, each piece of the value chain should be examined and weighed in light of the company objectives.

Decision Strategies works with your supply chain strategy team to develop an appropriate set of objectives and examine each portion of the supply chain for costs, risks, and rewards.

By uncovering key uncertainties and value drivers, we provide you with a full understanding of the value potential, trade-offs, and a set of robust strategies that consider the full range of alternatives.

By leveraging our proven, scalable approach (IDM), which incorporates the assessment of risk and uncertainty into strategy development, we work collaboratively with you to develop supply chain strategies that best balances cost versus benefit while meeting the supply chain goals. This strategy provides a clear basis for achieving the objectives and stands as a protection against the constant internal pressure to reduce costs.

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