In the ups and downs of any fast-paced industry, one thing remains constant: the need to keep your employees engaged and productive. Quality decision analysis and strategy development training is an excellent way to ensure that your employees’ minds and abilities are kept sharp.

Decision Strategies, a business consulting company located in Houston, offers in-depth, practical training in decision making in complex business situations, probabilistic economic modeling, and determining the value of information. We offer customized training and capability development programs that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. These highly valuable courses immediately provide your teams with the knowledge, tools, and resources to drive better, more consistent performance.

The consultants who lead our courses are highly skilled practitioners of their craft who have the experience and breadth of knowledge to communicate concepts effectively and prepare your team for the future. We incorporate a variety of teaching and facilitation techniques to enhance your experience and ensure that the information is not only learned, but that it is retained long after our project has concluded. A logical, real-world approach keeps the courses entertaining (yet practical), and hands-on exercises ensure the knowledge can be applied immediately.

The way we see it, knowledge of strategy helps create a culture of reason…and whether you’re an associate, manager, or executive, we can teach techniques that will drive stronger, more consistent results. That’s why our courses are tailored to your specific industry and why our team works with you to identify and achieve your training objectives.

Courses Include:

Decision Making in an Uncertain World

This introduction to industry best practices in decision making focuses on resolving cross-functional ambiguities and dealing directly with major uncertainties and risks. In just two days, you’ll gain an understanding of the processes used to enable superior strategic and project-level decisions.

Value of Information (VOI) and Control (VOC)

This in-depth course provides a solid grounding in how to modify your assessments and plans when you acquire new information, as well as a method for determining whether that new information is worth the cost.

Managing Risk and Uncertainty

This course emphasizes a decision-focused approach to economic risk and uncertainty management, while using probabilistic analyses to gain the insights necessary to make economically optimal decisions.

Probabilistic Modeling

This course provides a strong fundamental knowledge of economic analysis, modeling with Microsoft Excel, and the use of probabilistic simulation software. More than a “how-to” course, it also covers the “why” behind using simulation and highlights the benefits of proper data assessments.


The Decision Strategies team is able to integrate a lot of different functions into a cohesive work product. This includes economics, engineering, and an overall understanding of the industry, which is a rare skill set.

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