Technology Strategies Must Be Integrated with the Objectives and Goals of the Organization’s Overall Strategy

Media66The main purpose of technology is to create some form of competitive advantage. Developing technology internally (through R&D) or externally through acquisition, you must develop a strategy that is integrated with the objectives and goals of the organizations’ overall strategy.

Both types of technology acquisition have intrinsic risks and uncertainties that must be identified, evaluated and understood before an organization can make a decision on which method of acquisition will be right for them. The decision on how  to acquire technology is mostly dependent on two critical factors:

  • How easily the benefit from the research activity can be captured
  • The transaction costs

Decision Strategies facilitates you through your objectives related to the development and application of technology and how the strategic choices related to technology acquisition will impact the risks, uncertainties, and opportunities of your overall organizational strategy.

By leveraging our proven, scalable approach (IDM), which incorporates the evaluation of risk and uncertainty into strategy development, we work collaboratively with you to deliver unbiased, risk-based views that provide the right insights to enable the development of coherent winning strategies that build on the your strategic desires and core competencies, identify and capture the value of new opportunities, and realize the full operational and commercial advantages offered by technology choices.

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