Subsurface field development comes with a high price tag and therefore requires reliable information to make a “Go/No Go decision”. The key here is reliable. It is easy to get buried in digging for more data to dispel the numerous uncertainties in deep water development. How can you sift through the myriad of data and make a timely decision? This is where Decision Strategies comes in. Our experts are able to put a dollar value on related information such as appraisal and seismic data and link the subsurface uncertainties to key development decisions.

With your participation, we can assess the subsurface resource to determine the optimal path forward if you acquire information (usually imperfect), or no additional information. This assessment would involve the analysis of determinant factors such as:

  • Your threshold economic criteria for a commercially viable subsurface resource
  • Sensitivity of the most significant uncertainties
  • Inputs from all development planners and engineers involved in the resource plan

As a decision-focused team, we can help shift the focus of your resource assessment from data overload and numerous uncertainties to value-based, risk-assessed decisions. This shift in perspective has a profound effect on how you approach subsurface assessment that will ultimately create higher value.

Decision Strategies