Steve Blaha

Media37Senior Consultant

Steve is an experienced strategy consultant, highly skilled in decision analysis and risk processes, as well as technology development. He has over 15 years of experience in the Aerospace Industry including: environment, safety, and health; quality management, technology development, and engineering systems management. He has over 7 years of Decision Analysis experience with Decision Strategies.  Projects Steve has been engaged in at Decision Strategies include technology development and application, value chain analysis, capital investment, commercial risk and negotiations strategy, and market entry in the areas of emerging energy, carbon management, enhanced oil recovery, downstream and chemicals, and power.

Significant Contributions

  • Assessment of development and commercial risk of a new major natural gas power asset in Africa, and development of commercial negotiation strategy.
  • Assessment of an opportunity for the use of wave energy and offshore wind for providing energy to off grid assets and development of future large scale applications.
  • Assessment of an opportunity for the use of a new bio-energy investment at existing client major capital asset.
  • Development of a client strategy for beneficial reuse of existing properties focusing on renewable and emerging energy deployment.
  • Assessment of multiple petrochemical projects to assess development of new industries including market potential and capital investment decisions.
  • Assessment of future global market potential of client adhesives business.
  • Development of a client strategy related to the development of a joint venture Enhanced Oil Recovery project.
  • Assessment of the value chain associated with Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects.
  • Development of a corporate strategy around development of an alternative fuels business.
  • Strategy development framing of a Wind Power Asset.


  • Jacobs Sverdrup, Engineering Subsystem Manager
  • Lockheed Martin: Engineering Subsystem Manager, Project Engineer, Environment, Safety, and Health Project Manager, Quality Engineering Project Manager

Education & Credentials

  • Master of Business Administration, Rice University
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Safety & Health, University of Houston (Clearlake)
Decision Strategies