A Brief History of Decision Strategies

Media169Decision Strategies was formed in the year 1993, when Gary Bush transitioned from Boehringer Mannheim (now Roche Diagnostics) to become an external consultant.  While at Mannheim, Gary hired Ken Oppenheimer, one of the developers of decision and risk analysis at Stanford Research Institute, to teach the company a better approach to decision making and strategy development.

The Accuchek blood glucose system, an industry-leading product for diabetes patients, was the result of that early project with Dr. Oppenheimer.  His philosophy of helping clients to develop internal capabilities and a culture of quality decision-making became the cornerstone of Decision Strategies’ approach to consulting. Decision Strategies blended classic decision analysis methods with strategy development and execution planning tools to create “Integration Decision Management” (IDM™).

Decision Strategies’ early years focused on new product development strategies in pharmaceuticals and medical device companies in the U.S. and Europe.  Delta Air Lines became a client in 1995 when Gary helped to develop a new fuel management system that resulted in a decade long series of engagements. Gary reconnected with Katherine Rosback, a former Mannheim colleague whose expertise in facilitation skills and behavioral change extended the IDM™ process from problem discovery to business results, with a new emphasis on many of the human elements of the process.

In 1999, Decision Strategies merged with TIFOE, a consulting company owned by David Skinner with clients in the oil and gas industry. David’s book, “Introduction to Decision Analysis” and his relationships within the industry accelerated Decision Strategies growth into the energy industry.  Gary and David balanced each other well, and the firm grew rapidly.

In 2008, Decision Strategies acquired Resource Marketing International (RMI), a market intelligence consulting firm owned by Steve Jacobs.  The acquisition also brought the “Oilfield Breakfast Forum” to Decision Strategies, an exclusive event that brings oil & gas professionals together for a panel discussion of the top industry issues of the day.

Today, Decision Strategies is an employee-owned company led by Patrick Leach.  The firm continues to prosper using the same client-centric approach as the founders espoused, helping organizations across a variety of industries to resolve their most urgent and important issues in the face of economic uncertainty, geopolitical risk, and an unpredictable business climate.

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