Balancing the Risks and Value Trade Offs of Your Oil and Gas Assets

Oil and Gas (O&G) production, either conventional or unconventional, has always been filled with complexity. In the past decade the complexity has increased significantly due to the following:

  • Regulatory requirements are becoming more cumbersome
  • Organizational Capability Constraints
  • Capital Constraints
  • More challenging environments in which the industry has to operate
  • Many deep water wells are testing the limits of technology
  • Increasing flow assurance issues in subsea completions and deep wells
  • Steep decline rates in the unconventional wells
  • Higher capital costs for wells
  • Increased need for partnerships

Decision Strategies works with clients to help them through the balancing of multiple objectives such as maximizing the return on invested capital, keeping production levels high, and keeping operating expenses low. This provides insights needed to make economically sound production investment decisions while maximizing potential and minimizing risk.

Leveraging a proven, scalable approach, which incorporates an understanding of risk and uncertainty into strategy development, Decision Strategies creates a framework guided by your needs and constraints to provide you with an understanding of the risks and trade-offs. We work collaboratively with you to develop a strategy that optimizes the balance between the competing objectives and maximizes value.

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