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At Decision Strategies, our highly skilled energy strategy consulting team has more than a century of collective experience in the business that drives Houston and powers our world: Oil and Gas.

These experts are well versed in helping clients identify the full range of uncertainties around your problem, so we can swiftly come on board to develop solutions that account for risk and uncertainty and bring the greatest value to your organization.


This means you can have confidence that our experts will guide you toward optimal decisions that tackle the how, what, and when of your Oil and Gas-related issues.

We have the know-how to tackle your toughest challenges in all facets of the industry: Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream operations.


Our Solutions for Oil and Gas


Upstream Oil and Gas is a multifaceted business sector that covers a wide range of disciplines. It is exploration. It is appraisal and development. It is facilities and infrastructure. It is production. Each of these areas contains a minefield of pitfalls and uncertainties that call for powerful and efficient strategies to help create value and maintain competitive advantages. The quest to find this comprehensive clarity is vital to the success of your company, and this challenging journey can take many turns – from project inception through the creation of viable business units.


The solution to solving the puzzles of Upstream decision management requires marrying the technical and business requirements…and the skill to devise creative solutions. Solid, unbiased, confidence-building tactics allow you to discern the opportunities from the threats. They allow you to choose the best option for play entry, exploration and appraisal, and establishment of viable production centers that contribute to competitive advantage and give you crucial control of your future.


Decision Strategies is a unique consultancy in Upstream Oil and Gas because among our ranks are some of the most noted thought leaders and strategic thinkers in the industry, and we have advised on many of the larger discoveries of the past two decades in both a strategic and tactical context. Simply put: we understand your problems because we’ve been there, making the decisions and evaluating the opportunities in conventional, deep-water, and unconventional arenas. We’re here to provide you with access to our vast knowledge and experience at every step – from the rock to the market. Are you intrigued? Take a look at our collection of case studies to see the diversity and depth of our capabilities.


The Midstream sector creates the lifelines that deliver raw materials to producers, crude to refineries, and products to markets. It moves, stores, and even wholesale markets crude, refined petroleum, and chemical products. By incorporating a mix of pipelines, trucks, ships and rail, the Midstream keeps the Upstream, Downstream, and Chemicals industries supplied and able to efficiently move products to market.

Because of these roles, Midstream operations occupy a unique position amid the “stream” and thus calls for robust strategic options. Decisions need to be primed and ready for the moment when a big producer or user makes a move, and custom, highly tailored solutions are required to keep the flow moving. But that’s easier said than done because this adds layers of complexity to all parts of Midstream strategy development. Contract negotiation, tolls, freight charges, storage capacities, inventory sizes and locations, and more all need to be factored into a winning strategy. And because no strategic plan can check every box, delicate yet complex balances of tradeoffs must be considered and expertly handled.

In these cases, uncertainties and risk management become primary concerns, but this is where Decision Strategies operates. We can help teams develop models that respond appropriately to different combinations of uncertainties, so we can help them build more powerful strategies that will result in the most favorable outcomes.

We attack these problems from all angles and answer the most important questions before they’re even asked, such as: “Where are the biggest risks?”, “How exposed is the company?” and “How likely is it that the company will face those situations?” As an experienced strategic consulting firm with expertise in Oil and gas, Decision Strategies employs a highly experienced power strategy consulting team and a proven process to help senior executives and business leaders tackle these decisions with confidence.


In a cyclical market such as the Oil and Gas Downstream industry, successful companies need to be positioned to take advantage of opportunities by developing clear and targeted strategies that succeed in each phase of the business cycle. Their strategies need to include plans for both value capture and risk mitigation.

What we often see when helping a company develop a strategy is that they’ll rush to jump at the first viable option that appears to satisfy the objectives. However, truly winning strategies are crafted from a consideration of a full range of alternatives and built on a foundation of research and insights. By creatively brainstorming all options and examining alternatives that may stretch the company’s limits and test the boundaries of their comfort zone, we can uncover issues and options that are otherwise missed. The result is a strong, comprehensive strategy that drives the business forward and gets the entire team pulling in the same direction.

The Downstream Oil & Gas industry is characterized by a complex set of uncertainties and risks that need to be dealt with appropriately, regardless of the specific strategy. Using best-practice probabilistic evaluation techniques, Decision Strategies can help you develop insights into how models respond under different combinations of uncertainties. Where are the biggest risks and how exposed is the company? How likely is the company to find itself in those situations? These are questions we can help answer.

The exceptionally experienced consultants at Decision Strategies work through a proven process that helps senior executives and business leaders make the best, most informed decisions possible. We’ve worked with Downstream industry executives on strategic business objectives, major capital investments, product development, and product launches, giving us a 360-degree view of the challenges your operations face.



Decision Strategies brought us an unbiased look at our issues, which we would not have gotten internally.

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