Media69Modern computing has now made complex probabilistic modeling (code-named “Monte Carlo” by the physicists of the Manhattan Project during World War II) commonplace within companies, business school programs, and research universities alike. Within minutes thousands of simulation trials can be run, testing a strategy’s robustness in the face of all possible future outcomes and events.

Don’t fall behind the competition – Is your company looking to boost its analytical capability? Do you talk in meetings about a competitor’s use of stochastic modeling but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you do have a cutting-edge analytical group, but not enough resources to cover all of your important projects?

Decision Strategies has over twenty years’ experience building probabilistic models, customized to each client’s specific issues. Our models are clear and easy to follow, regardless of the underlying mechanical complexity. We work alongside our clients, producing an end product that the clients “own” to run and modify after the engagement ends. We are “technology agnostic” and offer introductory and advanced modeling courses using the client’s preferred Monte Carlo simulation software (usually Crystal Ball or @RISK).

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