The healthcare industry is an immensely complex system that’s changing fast with the advent of new technologies and burgeoning patient demand. And with evolving changes – such as new policies and regulatory shifts, increased access to data and innovation, an aging population, and more – comes a great deal of uncertainty. The healthcare system is inherently complicated to begin with, as it involves multiple interrelated service and product providers and users. So as new challenges arise, there also arises a need for healthcare organizations to rethink their strategies and address an important question: how can business models and business strategies be modified to cope with these changes while also ensuring and creating value when faced with an uncertain future?

With decades of experience in strategy development, as well as risk and uncertainty management, Decision Strategies, a healthcare consulting company based in Houston, has helped some of the world’s largest corporations make decisions focused on the long-term health of their operations. With the precision of a skilled surgeon, we use a proven approach, diverse experience, and cross-industry perspectives to help our clients solve their most complex and intricate problems deftly and confidently.

Our approach enables clients to:

  • Focus on what matters
  • Develop sustainable strategies
  • Improve the quality of services and products while effectively managing resources, cost, and risk
  • Develop operational strategies (such as R&D, supply chain, and technology strategies) that are aligned with corporate strategy
  • Select strategies with a clear understanding of the risk profiles associated with each alternative
  • Gain clarity around their organizational tolerance for risk
  • Address conflicting interests and competing objectives to gain alignment among different stakeholders, partners, business functions, and/or organizations

Ultimately, it’s our job to help our clients create value in the face of uncertainty.




More than once, Decision Strategies has helped us to both quantify and deal with inherent uncertainties on major projects.

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