Status Quo VS Testing the Limits

Media51Developing the optimum market entry strategy for a new market – whether it is a new geography or a new product application – is a challenging assignment. Every year there are more alternatives and options for manufacturing, marketing, sales, inventory, technical support, and distribution channels. All of these come with their own risks and uncertainties.

Which strategy is most likely to succeed in this new market? How will this entry strategy impact your existing business? Faced with these questions, some companies default to status quo. Unfortunately, this path can result in failure and average results in the best case scenario.

Decision Strategies works with your marketing team to develop an appropriate set of objectives related to the new market entry strategy and examines its probability of success, as well as the costs, risks, and rewards.

By uncovering key uncertainties and value drivers, we provide clients with a full understanding of the potential value trade-offs, with a set of robust market entry strategies that consider the full range of alternatives.

By leveraging our proven, scalable approach (IDM), which incorporates the assessment of risk and uncertainty into strategy development, we work collaboratively with you to develop an entry strategy that best balances the risk versus the benefit of the new market opportunity.

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