Market Reporting

How do you build an effective strategy or evaluate how your strategy is proceeding without knowing where the market is going or your position in it? This question continues to plague many companies.

That’s why Decision Strategies, a Houston based strategic business consulting company, is currently providing some of the highest quality market reporting services available. We act as a neutral-party clearinghouse for competitors within the same market. We compile each company’s revenue data and return their market size, market share, and market rank. The data we return isn’t a ballpark figure…it’s a perfectly precise measure that comes directly from the market players.

We are acutely aware of the need for confidentiality in this type of operation, which is why we do not disclose one company’s standings to another, and we do not sell any information we gather with parties outside of the service participants.

A reporting service is only established once all participants approve the legal aspects of the defining contract.

One service we’ve provided for many years involves the sale of a consumable technology utilized in the drilling of oil and gas wells. In this case, participants get a perfect view of the size of the market in each region in which they operate, as well as a breakdown by specific product type in that region. They see their share of each sub-market and can track how their market position changes on a quarterly basis. This information has proven invaluable and is reported all the way to the top of their respective organizations.

We are always open to new market reports. If you have an interest or need for market information, please give us a call.



The Probabilistic Reserves Analysis process we went through with Decision Strategies gave me the best case possible in the event of an SEC audit.

Director of Planning and Evaluation Oil and Gas Company
Decision Strategies