Major Capital Project Strategy

Major capital projects can span a vast range of possibilities. Whether it’s a new energy-efficient factory, a large LNG plant, a manufacturing facility in a foreign country, or a high-cost R&D program, the time, manpower, and resources required are significant. However, conflicting objectives, strategic options, or even just the sheer complexity of the project can drive a wedge into your team’s ability to effectively plan the proper course. This can result in a loss of efficiency and poorer long-term project operations. Fortunately for you, divisive threats can be counteracted by smart decisions.

From project inception through planning, front-end loading (FEL), and sanction, your ability to make strategic decisions sets the stage for all future possibilities, efficiencies, and competitive advantages. During execution and critical path management, it is not only important to continue to manage risk and uncertainty appropriately and to update project forecasts as new information is acquired…it is also important to utilize value-of-information (VOI) analyses to decide when to acquire that information.

At every stage of a project, companies must walk the tightrope of balancing streamlined, efficient operations with effective control. Decision Strategies, a business consulting firm in Houston, Texas, can help clients gain the foresight needed to drive a high-value decision/evaluation approach – an approach that takes options on size and placement into account, as well as downside threat assessment and mitigation.

Whether your need is assistance with decision support for front-end planning and sizing options, project risk management, logistics decision support, or cost and schedule risk, the capabilities and experience of our personnel will help you work your way through the problem with collaboration and commitment in order to deliver on the promise of robust value creation. For more than twenty years, the business consultant professionals at Decision Strategies have helped companies across the globe make sound capital investments that create value and strategic advantage.


Decision Strategies’ response was tailored to our need because they listened to us, and they were not married to a specific approach that didn’t suit us.

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