Will Your Partnership Create the Advantages and Value You are Expecting?

Hands on top of each other. Symbolic picture.
Hands on top of each other. Symbolic picture.

Using a joint venture (JV) or partnership to create growth for your organization can create a sustainable competitive advantage. However, to determine if the joint venture or partnership will generate the expected advantages and value to your organization it is essential to evaluate the different strategic options available.

Decision Strategies facilitates you through the development of JV and partnership strategies to identify what is strategic about the JV or partnership. We also provide clarity around the objectives of the JV or partnership given your organizational strategy and possible future economic environments. Our approach ensures that you focus on your organization’s value drivers and opportunities the JV or partnership is intended to create. This translates into the identification of trade-offs of the clients’ objectives, better alignment on the purpose of the JV or partnership, and clarity around the appropriate path forward.

By leveraging our proven, scalable approach (IDM), which incorporates the evaluation of risk and uncertainty into strategy development, we work collaboratively with you to develop coherent winning JV or partnership strategies that are flexible, support the existing corporate strategy, and maximize the value and minimize the risk of the JV or partnership opportunity.

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