Integrated Decision Management


It’s always good to have options…but too many choices in high-pressure situations can be crippling. It is known as “Analysis Paralysis,” and it happens when your team freezes up because they don’t know which way to turn, how to evaluate the options at hand, or they try to calculate away the uncertainties. It causes the entire process to come to a grinding halt. Fortunately, we can help bring expert decision analysis and decision management to your business.



Integrated Decision ManagementTM is Decision Strategies’ trademarked, industry best-practice decision analysis process for handling complex or highly uncertain decisions or strategy developments. We use it to help clients fully define the opportunity, clarify objectives, develop robust creative strategies, and then evaluate those strategies to determine the optimum path. Project leaders who have been a part of this inclusive, comprehensive approach save countless hours and resources while they participate in a process that delivers high decision quality and helps them move forward with clarity and confidence…even when faced with complexity, uncertainty, and risk.

Major Capital Projects

Developing a strategy for a major capital project in which significant manpower, money, or resources (or all three!) are on the line requires an approach that can deliver maximum value and create competitive advantage. The Integrated Decision ManagementTM, or IDM, process incorporates a review of all key decision choices, weighs the risks associated with each, and helps teams create robust strategies that incorporate a clear understanding of the risk and uncertainty involved.

Supply Chain & Procurement

When our clients are challenged to incorporate more strategic thinking into supply chain and procurement decisions, Decision Strategies, a strategic consulting company in Houston, Texas, can apply the IDM process to these critical functions. By bringing sound decision analysis practices to the consideration of suppliers, partnerships, pricing, and technology development, we can create robust strategies that take all variables into account. IDM can help create a sound strategy that will capture significant competitive advantage and value.

Product Launch & Commercialization

Launching a new product or entering a new market offers the chance for significant market disruption. In these situations, it is crucial to strike the right balance between capturing upside value and minimizing downside risk. The IDM process helps clients to think through the many strategic options available and to select the right path through which to accomplish their objectives.

Environment & Sustainability

In a world that’s “going green,” many companies are beginning to understand the need for, and benefits of, having a strategy that is conducive to environmental sustainability. This goes beyond compliance and includes finding ways within the company’s existing operations to turn eco-consciousness into economic advantages. The IDM process can definitively help teams examine and weigh all the options available.




Decision Strategies brought us an unbiased look at our issues, which we would not have gotten internally.

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