Framing – Decision Hierarchy

The decisions gathered during the issue raising are further categorized into Policy Decisions, Focus Decisions, and Tactical Decisions.  Although the graphic display of these three categories is called a Hierarchy, it’s really a reflection of temporal differences, rather than of relative importance.   Policy Decisions have already been made, and form boundaries within which the current strategy must be developed.  Focus Decisions must be made now (or soon) as integral components of the strategy being developed.  Tactical Decisions can wait until later, and often must wait until later, after the strategy has been decided upon.

Framing – Model Uncertainty

The uncertainties surfaced during the issue raising are combined with the Focus Decisions to generate an Influence Diagram, showing how these components influence each other and contribute to the key measures of value.  If quantitative probabilistic modeling is required during the Evaluation phase, the Influence Diagram is used as a high-level schematic of the quantitative model.

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