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Media56Developing business and environmental strategies related to sustainability is no longer simply about reducing your carbon footprint. These strategies must now deal with a wide range of corporate policies (environmental, social, and/or economic) intended to maintain a sustainable business future. Whether the impact is from regulations being enacted around the globe or from product recyclability, companies of all sizes must understand and develop strategies that allow them to respond to the latest sustainability initiatives.

A business sustainability strategy can prevent poor brand image, negative community relations, or regulatory barriers to working in sensitive locations.

All corporations, whether large or small, face significant pressure from the government and the public on environmental and sustainability issues. Compliance with new regulations, permit requirements, boycotts, and lawsuits can all have a significant impact on corporate value.

Appropriate evaluation of liabilities, and effective management of their mitigation, can generate millions of dollars in annual savings. Decision Strategies works with your team to create a business sustainability strategy that addresses not only the regulatory and public actions, but also the goals and objectives of the corporation.

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