Planning for Today’s Drilling Costs, Risks and Timelines

Media64If your goal is to safely drill and evaluate a relatively unknown formation in a hostile environment while trying to reduce rig days and manage multiple risks, Decision Strategies can guide you through the development of  drilling solutions :

  • Improve safety and gain clarity around potential “train wrecks”, with explicit understanding of the potential cause, impact and mitigation plan for each.
  • Model well failures as a result of explicit risks, recognizing that several attempts may be required to achieve TD.
  • Generate realistic ranges of cost and timing with estimates of consistent confidence.
  • Develop risk mitigation plans and prioritize efforts based on the probabilistic results.

Using these key objectives, Decision Strategies guides you through the complexity of your drilling and completion activities. Using this structured and analytical approach on a drilling project provides a robust assessment of project economics and reveals non-intuitive insights.

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Decision Strategies