Corporate Strategy

The business world moves swiftly, and addressing complex issues calls for decision-making that’s well thought out. When you can’t afford to misfire, successful strategy development and implementation is key. At Decision Strategies, a corporate strategy consulting firm in Houston, Texas, we believe this process involves four elements:

  • Gaining a clear picture of the situation and opportunity
  • Identifying the objectives and the tradeoffs between them
  • Generating a full range of creative alternative strategies from which to choose
  • Evaluating those alternative strategies to determine which is the most robust in meeting the objectives, while taking risks and uncertainties into account


In a nutshell, our customized approach to corporate strategy development is wholly focused on you. Your people are the ones with deep, insightful knowledge of your business, and it’s you who will ultimately make the choice that affects the success of your projects and your teams.

We begin by breaking the complex issue of strategy into the aforementioned four logical steps. By facilitating collaboration throughout the process, we end up with a strategy that everyone can support. With decades of experience and an arsenal of tools and methods to help you navigate around the traps and biases to which we are all susceptible, we can act as a powerful partner in accomplishing the objectives you’ve laid out. The result is a robust corporate strategy that you and your team can wholeheartedly support.


Mergers and Acquisitions

When considering a transaction, there are numerous pitfalls to avoid. These can include team members seeking out information that confirms a prior assumption, groupthink, concentration on sunk costs, motivational biases, and more. A structured and well-crafted approach to decision making helps to avoid such traps.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic portfolio management is often confused with portfolio analysis or optimization. Portfolio management is not merely a math exercise, and thus it must begin with objective-driven strategy. That’s why we work closely with you to implement an iterative process linking corporate strategy with rigorous portfolio analysis. In the end, this results in a much stronger portfolio than numerical optimization alone can deliver.

Supply Chain and Procurement Strategy

The purchase and supply of raw materials is critical to any business, but instilling strategic thinking into this fast-paced activity is difficult. Multiple decisions must be made rapidly, and there is not time for a long decision analysis or strategy development process. You can’t slow down the flow of raw materials, but you need the supply chain to be aligned with corporate and business unit strategy. Fortunately, our approach is both scalable and flexible, from the bird’s-eye view at the corporate level to the nuts and bolts of the development process. The result, however, is the same – we can help you make a confident strategic decision based on a clear understanding of your alternatives and the range of possible outcomes that can result from each one.





Decision Strategies has a well-priced, high-quality product. They are well-versed in sizing solutions and workflows, and more importantly, they can both teach theory and put it into practice.

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