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In today’s complex, fast-changing world, successful companies need solid yet flexible business strategies that deliver a sustainable competitive advantage. Decision Strategies has helped clients in a wide range of industries to make complex decisions using our scalable, results-driven and collaborative approach. We facilitate clients to help them think through the uncertainty and ambiguity of complex problems to provide non-intuitive insights and enable them to make confident and actionable decisions.

We help clients:

  • Evaluate all of their options
  • Quantify risks, uncertainties and advantages
  • Transparently see how decisions impact organizational value
  • Use a collaborative, structured, disciplined approach to develop creative solutions
  • Gain confidence, clarity and focus for strategic decision-making

As a result, our clients can:

  • Develop a more innovative and decisive approach to decision-making
  • Cultivate an environment that embraces and accepts change
  • Quickly gain organizational support around implementation
  • And most importantly – deliver significant results

Decision Strategies can help you work through complexity and mitigate risks if you’re:

  • Refreshing your corporate strategy
  • Deciding on your company’s next growth opportunity
  • Aligning business units
  • Planning a major capital investment
  • Optimizing your R&D or asset portfolio
  • Gauging new markets
  • Evaluating technology applications
  • Assessing your exposure to commercial, environmental, regulatory or capital risks

Our areas of business consulting expertise include:

  • Business strategies
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Growth and corporate development
  • Portfolio strategy
  • R&D and technology
  • Oil and gas consulting services
  • Modeling and analytical support

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