Just like many of the products their business produces, the chemicals industry is a volatile one. Profit margins are very sensitive to raw material costs (such as crude oil, in some cases), which frequently fluctuate. The markets for new products are uncertain, and the unpredictable actions of competitors can result in some troubling surprises.

Any good corporate strategy needs built-in tactics for dealing with these uncertainties and risks appropriately. That’s where Decision Strategies’ expertise in modeling uncertainty – both qualitatively and quantitatively – comes in. Our proven analytical approach can yield insights into how various strategies will fare under different combinations of uncertainties.

More importantly, such insights enable the company to engage in what we call “option thinking.”

This is where we help put our clients in position to take advantage of opportunities that may arise – and to develop well-considered mitigation plans that address potential crises before they strike. By understanding which parameters have the potential to drive value up or down, you know where to concentrate your analyses and efforts.

Most companies initiate strategy development by asking “What should we do?” But at Decision Strategies, a chemicals consulting firm, we do things differently – we push our clients to ask “What could we do?” This approach encourages creative thinking, as it gets everyone in the room to focus on the vast array of possibilities that could be considered, which leads to the development of far superior strategies that test the limits of what the client thought possible. And in a volatile industry such as Chemicals, this is especially critical.


Decision Strategies helped us keep key major capital projects on schedule, and they provided important insights on the decision quality of major investments.

Decision Analysis Team Lead Oil and Gas Company
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