Capital Projects I Managing the Multitude of Complexities in Capital Projects

Given the complexity of capital projects, it can be difficult to communicate the value a project will provide to the organization. The project team must understand the risks and uncertainties in order to maximize the value of the project and provide the information needed to support the project.

Decision Strategies can provide project managers with a clear understanding of the risks and uncertainties your project is facing, whether you are deciding on how to develop your project planning, wanting to understand and manage your cost and schedule risk, select contractors, or understand the impacts of your contracts.

Decision Strategies works collaboratively with project managers and their teams to facilitate discussion and evaluate your most complex project decisions. By leveraging our proven, scalable approach (IDM), which incorporates the assessment of risk and uncertainty into strategy development, Decision Strategies will help you align the objectives, value measures and key uncertainties to maximize the value of your capital project to your organization. This provides you with the confidence of a clear project planning strategy to act decisively with a full understanding of risk and uncertainty.

Our areas of consulting expertise include:

  • Capital Project Decisions
  • Project Cost & Schedule Planning
  • Bidding Strategy & Planning
  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract Evaluation & Negotiation

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